Specialized Stumpjumper Upgraded

Just picked up my Stumpjumper Mountain Bike from the bike shop today. I was having some parts installed. This was an upgrade I initially planned when I purchased the bicycle in 2005.

Specialized Stumpjumper

First think I did was swap out the Shimano Hollowtech Crankset for a Truvativ Stylo Team Gigapipe with integrated Bottom Bracket. I use the Stylo Team on my Schwinn hardtail and it’s a great crank. It’s much stiffer that the hollowtech that came with the bike. And the integrated bottom bracket seems like it will be less trouble to keep clean.

Next, I had the shifters and rear derailer switched out. Originally I was running an XTR rear derailer with deore shifters. I never really got used to the trigger shifters. I’ve always preferred Sram’s higher end twist shifters over rapidfire. I put on new Sram X-0 shorty twist shifters and a X-O rear derailer. Again, I’ve come to rely on Sram products and their smooth shifting. I also like the fast that it is easier to skip-shift with the twist shifters. I can jump 3 rings In one twist as opposed to 3 pulls of the trigger on a trigger shifter. I’ve heard people talk about having problems with accidentally shifting when they are going over obstacles because they twist the handlebars. I’ve never had this happen in the 8+ years I’ve been riding twist shifters.

Last, I upgraded the brakes. I went from Avid V-Brakes to Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes. Initially I was planning on upgrading to Hydraulic Disc as opposed to Mechanical but from a cost-point, I decided I’d go with mechanical for now. I am running a 200mm rotor up front and a 160mm in the back (originally I installed 200mm rotors in front and back but I’ve since switched to the smaller rotor in back). I also switched out the brake levers to Avid SD Ti.

After picking up the bike I headed out to the local trail for a test run. I’ve been dying to get out to some singletrack this year. All my rides thus far this year have either been on street or crushed limestone so it was good to hit the dirt. It was a little muddy and the trails were still pretty soft from the recent rain and the cold weather we’ve had, but I was able to get in a decent ride. The bike feels great. I feel like I will still have to get used to the new components but from a first impression, I am happy with my upgrades. The Stylo Crank feels much stronger than the hollowtech. I don’t feel it creaking and flexing anymore. The Sram X-0 shifting is far more superior to my old XTR(2005 style)/Deore setup and the brakes took a little braking in but I feel like I have much more stopping power. Seems like the new components offer a pretty substantial weight difference as well.