Weblinx Website Redesign

We recently updated our company website for the summer 2007 season. I had quite a bit to do with the graphics and flash animation for our new site. As before, the site has both a daytime version and a night time version (the night time version appears after 7pm). We also decided to continue to do a hybrid flash/html site. Since we rely heavily on Search Engines marketing, we thought this would be best. I am hoping to submit this site for awards as soon as we have everything fully functional.

>> Check out our new Weblinx Site.

Fonetica – Basso Continuo Download

I’m posting a free download of the Album “Basso Continuo” that I recorded with Alex Karwatowicz back in 1997. This album was originally released under futura records but since it’s 10 years old I’ve decided to post it as a free download. Both Alex and I have come along way musically since then. Also the software and hardware we were using was very primitive compared to today’s equipment and software. Most of the sequencing was done using midi outboard gear and analog equipment. Feel free to share this album with friends and post your thoughts on this thread.

>> Download Album (90mb) (right click and select “save as”)

My prints for sale on ImageKind

I recently put some artwork up for sale on ImageKind.com. I’ve been looking for a way to print larger scale one-offs of some of the digital artwork I’ve been creating. This seems to be the solution. Image kind offers a variety of paper types, frames, you can even print to canvas. I haven’t yet purchased a print so I don’t know how the good the quality is, but You can upload really high res artwork, and setup an artist profile for free. Imagekind even offers marketing tools such as the flash banner to the right. Once I order some prints I’ll be sure and post how they turned out.

>> Click here to view my gallery on imagekind.