National Crisis: Can Americans live without TV?

So today is supposedly the big day when Analog Television sets will no longer work without a digital recieved box. This whole thing is a big joke. The FCC has enlisted over a dozen organizations such as AmeriCorps to help Americans make the switch so they don’t have to go 1 day without television. AmeriCorps has helped rebuild communities in the gulf coast and with the Iowa flood relief. Now they are wasting their time setup television sets.

Congress also kicked in additional cash, about $650 million on top of the $1.5 billion that had already been allocated for DTV readiness. The bulk of the $650 million was given to the Commerce Department to fund its voucher program. And Congress authorized $90 million of the $650 million to be used by the FCC for outreach programs. So far, the FCC has received $65.7 million of that money, and the Commerce Department has authorized another $9.65 million to help pay for call centers that are in place to address consumers’ questions and concerns.

Is this really something our country needs to be so concerned about? So a few people are forced to get out of the house and keep themselves entertained. Where does all of this money from Congress come from? The American people? How about if the corporations who use the media to advertise paying the bill on this one?

It just seems like our country has a really messed up order of prioritizing our issues. I’ll admit, this issue as well as most are probably way over my head in terms of full comprehension of the problems and solutions, but I think most people underestimate themselves and their ability to survive without television.

I got rid of cable television about 4 months or so ago and have had on broadcast television on for less than a half hour since then and I haven’t starved. If anything I feel much healthier. I am eating better, I sleep better, I spend more time reading and teaching myself new things, I exercise more, my dogs are healthier because I spend more time with them. The list of benefits goes on and on. The only disadvantage is that I feel alienated when my coworkers and friends are discussing the hundreds of mindless reality TV shows that consume their lives and I have no clue what they are talking about.

I will be among the forgotten souls that opted not to upgrade to a digital tuner, AmeriCorps has not come to my rescue. I only hope that I can survive the upcoming months of trying to keep myself occupied before I die from thinking on my own.