Recycling around the Office

I’ve made an attempt to start a recycling program at work. At my last job I was pretty much put in charge of getting people to recycle and my duties consisted of supplying everyone with a cardboard bin for their paper and extra bins in the lunch room for their recyclables. At Weblinx, so far we have one main box up front in which we store our plastic and paper. I keep a cardboard box under my desk to put used paper in. Rather than putting this paper in the recycling bin, I am hoping to re-use it as scrap paper or to print my project reports on. Recycling paper can cost money and energy. If I am able to reuse it again before recycling it then that is ultimatly better. It’s better to use less than to just figure “oh well I am recycling so it doesn’t matter how much I use” We should be creating less waste, whether it is recyclable waste or non-recyclable.

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