skiing game

Here’s a pretty cool online skiing game to waste time on.

> Play Trysil Twintip Skiing Game | digg story.

I’ve managed to waste quite a bit of time playing this game and getting stoked for the upcoming ski season. Hopefully we’ll have a good ski season and I’ll be able to get out more. Skiing and Cycling are my two favorite things, and last ski season, with a knee injury from biking and a shortage of funds, I was only able to get out once. This year I am hoping to rack up more days on skis.

Weblinx Website Redesign

We recently updated our company website for the summer 2007 season. I had quite a bit to do with the graphics and flash animation for our new site. As before, the site has both a daytime version and a night time version (the night time version appears after 7pm). We also decided to continue to do a hybrid flash/html site. Since we rely heavily on Search Engines marketing, we thought this would be best. I am hoping to submit this site for awards as soon as we have everything fully functional.

>> Check out our new Weblinx Site.