2014 CAMBr 20 Year Anniversary Jerseys

I was fortunate enough to work with CAMBr in designing some cycling jersey’s to commemorate their 20th anniversary. Originally they were only going to do one jersey but after taking a look at both the designs I submitted they wanted to run them both. I also did a post-ride beer-themed button down shirt as well. The work was pro-bono but I’m happy to support CAMBr.




Iguanas in Herzog’s “Bad Lieutenant”

Recently saw Bad Lieutenant, Port of Call. Here’s Werner Herzog Talking about the iguana scene.

There’s the misconception that this is Herzog’s attempt to remake the 1992 Ferrara Bad Lieutenant featuring Harvey Keitel. Here’s what Herzog had to say on the subject:

It is not a remake. I’ve never seen Bad Lieutenant; I don’t know [Ferrara], and I’ve never seen any of his movies. So I think that’s off the table. One of the producers owned the rights to the name Bad Lieutenant, and he thought it would help the profile of the movie to give it the same name. I tried to stop that, but I did not win. Once it was decided that we would not shoot in New York but in New Orleans, the compromise was to call it Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans. Ferrara has a right to be angry, but this is not a remake. It has a life of its own.

Read more: Werner Herzog on Bad Lieutenant, Singing Iguanas, and Prop Cocaine — Vulture

Canon G7 and the CHDK firmware

Just installed the chdk firmware for my Canon G7 and I feel like I have a whole new Camera. The firmware upgrade offers expansions such as Shutter Speed overrides, Time Lapse Video Shooting, the ability to add a battery life indicator on the viewfinder (something I was surprised to find that Canon didn’t automatically include), scripting capabilities, and what I find most useful, the ability to shoot in raw format.

Raw allows users a wider spectrum for editing image color, exposure, and balance. One of the reasons I like editing in Raw is that you can make photos overdramatic or almost appear to look surreal or blended with a painting.

Here’s a few photos I shot and processed from raw images. Most of the processing on these images was made using a few tweaks in Adobe Camera Raw. Click the images to view larger versions.




Installing the CHDK firmware was a little confusing. There are detailed instructions on how to do so on the chdk wikia site. Another thing worth noting,   I couldn’t open my raw .crw files in photoshop straight off the camera so I had to batch process them into digital negatives (.dng files) using DNG4PS-2, a free raw converter utility that can be downloaded from google code. The files were converted I was able to edit them in Adobe Camera Raw and then bring them into Photoshop.

Beautiful Losers The Film

I’ve been anticipating this movie for some time, both as an artist and as someone involved in the skateboard culuture of the mid to late 80s. This film showcases street art inspired through the skateboard scene culture. Many of the artists featured were both skaters and deck-artists during that time. The particular style embraced everything from skateboards, to album covers, to public awareness posters, to t-shirts and even sneakers. Beautiful Losers will be showing in Chicago at the Gene Siskel Film Center 9/19/08 – 9/26/08.

Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

Weblinx Website Redesign

We recently updated our company website for the summer 2007 season. I had quite a bit to do with the graphics and flash animation for our new site. As before, the site has both a daytime version and a night time version (the night time version appears after 7pm). We also decided to continue to do a hybrid flash/html site. Since we rely heavily on Search Engines marketing, we thought this would be best. I am hoping to submit this site for awards as soon as we have everything fully functional.

>> Check out our new Weblinx Site.

My prints for sale on ImageKind

I recently put some artwork up for sale on ImageKind.com. I’ve been looking for a way to print larger scale one-offs of some of the digital artwork I’ve been creating. This seems to be the solution. Image kind offers a variety of paper types, frames, you can even print to canvas. I haven’t yet purchased a print so I don’t know how the good the quality is, but You can upload really high res artwork, and setup an artist profile for free. Imagekind even offers marketing tools such as the flash banner to the right. Once I order some prints I’ll be sure and post how they turned out.

>> Click here to view my gallery on imagekind.